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This is the LRRcraft server. It is for the use of LoadingReadyRun fans to play Minecraft.
The server is currently Online.

Please donate to help keep LRRcraft up and running, if you have the capability.

We also have an IRC server and a TeamSpeak 3 server integrated, if you wish to chat with the players.

You can also access the IRC through the web client.

You can access the server by going in Minecraft, clicking "Muliplayer" then clicking "Add Server"
From there, name the server whatever you want ("LRRcraft Server" is recommended, but not required). In the "Server Address" field, put in "" and then click "Done"
From there, click "Join Server" and you're in!
Please read the rules at Spawn, then grab a starter kit from the plate on the left side of the fountain. (This is highly recommended, even if you don't want to use most of it and start "clean" as it were. It includes a bed, and sheep have been hard to find for a while. Anything you don't want, donate back to the server via the church offering boxes.)
If an admin (red) or moderator (gold) is online, they can authorize you for building, via the plate on the right side of the fountain. (Authorized players are green.)
You can request a spot on the map to build through the LRRcraft Issue Form.

Please check out the map of the server to see our buildings and possibly find a new spot you want to use.

For more information about the server, the information starts on page 116 of this thread. (Previous pages are about Fugi's iteration of the server.)

Here's a rail map to help you get around. I cannot vouch for how current it will be, though. Everything there should stay, though more stops could be added.

LRRcraft Rail Map

If you are interested in more Minecraft things featuring LoadingReadyRun, go to the LRR Twitch channel Thursday mornings at 8:30 AM Pacific Time for Video Games with Video James.
You can view the entire LoadingReadyLive schedule on these calendars: HTML ICAL RSS/XML